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Fun & Functional Asian-Style Trim

Asian–style trims don’t have to be difficult to execute or hard to maintain. This article demonstrates a quick and easy trim that pet owners can easily care for at home. The overall look of this trim is not only cute, but it’s super functional too! 

Begin this groom by cleaning up the sanitary area using a #10 blade and cleaning up the paw pads with a #30 blade. 

Fig 1) Using a #7 blade, clip all the way up to the occiput. 

Fig 2) Clip from the hipbone to the tuck–up in a rounded shape.


Fig 3) Continue clipping to the sanitary as well as between the inside of the back legs. 

Fig 4) Clip to the elbow. Make sure the height of the line is the same as the rear. 

 Fig 5) Comb the hair down around the feet and scissor to the back of the pad.

Fig 6) Scissor around the foot to create a big, round foot.

Fig 7) Tidy up any hair that is sticking out and round the front feet. Blend with thinning shears so you don’t see the scissor line.

Fig 8) Starting from the corner of one eye to the other, make
a topknot.

Fig 9) Clean up the stop area using a #30 blade. Do not shave too much from this area; you may not need to clean up more than half an inch. 

Fig 10) Scissor the stop area straight across with a straight scissor. 

Fig 11) Using a curved shear, point the shear towards the corner of the eye and make a lip line by angling your shear at a 120% degree. 

Fig 12) Use your curved shear to clean up the chin.

Fig 13) Using a hair straightener, straighten the hair on the legs and tail to make it more manageable and frizz–free.

Fig 14) Use a hair curler to make curls in the hair left on the ears.

Finished! Use a cute bow or other decoration to enhance this adorable groom. ✂️


Cho Hyun Sook

Ms. Hyun Sook Cho has been in pet grooming and dog show fields for over 20 years. She won multiple Best In Shows and Gold medals in both grooming and dog show fields in South Korea. Ms Cho was a member of Korea Grooming Team in 2017. She has traveled to many countries to teach the grooming classes, including Australia, Taiwan and China. Ms. Cho owns her grooming school in Seoul, South Korea. She is also IGU, Barkleigh Korea and KOCA instructor and judge.

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