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PetQuest 2018

PetQuest is already a very unique show that is considered by many groomers to be their favorite. It has a laid back, comfortable and causal feel to it that is unmatched. “I don’t know if it is because it takes place in the summer, and going away feels like a vacation at the time,” states Barkleigh president Todd Shelly, “Or, if is the fact that this Holiday Inn is the most dog friendly facility, or a combination of those and other factors, but this show is always a lot of fun.”

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Groom Expo 2017

Beautiful Hershey, Pennsylvania is home to the world’s most famous chocolate, an exciting amusement park, and some incredible history. It is also home to the grooming industry’s most anticipated expo of the year.

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Groom Texas 2017

Groom Texas, a grooming show held within the Houston World Series of Dog Shows, will be held July 21-23, 2017 at Houston’s NRG Center. The unique show will bring together the grooming and dog show worlds to promote interaction and ideas, offering an exclusive experience often reserved for a select few.

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