Steven Appelbaum, Author at Groomer to Groomer

Steven Appelbaum

How to Eliminate Stress Before, During & After a Groom

The following scenario is common. A customer drops off his dog at your facility in the morning for a groom. He agrees to pick the dog up later that afternoon so you’ll have to keep her in a kennel for
a few hours after her grooming.

Problem Chewing

Problem Solving Made Simple
Professional groomers sometimes find themselves in a similar quandary as veterinarians. You are not experts in behavior, but some of your customers will wind up re-homing their dogs if they are unable to solve behavioral challenges. This has the potential to negatively impact your business.

Reading Body Posture to Avoid Aggression

As all experienced dog trainers and behavioral specialists will tell you, when dealing with behavioral challenges, you must address their root causes if you realistically expect to eliminate or reduce the actual behavior. This is relevant for groomers.
Dogs who try to bite you are typically doing so for two—possibly three ­—reasons:

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