Malissa Conti-Diener, Author at Groomer to Groomer

Malissa Conti-Diener

How to Rise Above the Average

How to Rise Above the Average

When was the last time you went into a store or used a service and were so impressed with the experience that you shared it with friends and family? Or even better, took to your social media pages and posted reviews about them?

Grooming It's Only Natural

Holistic Grooming It’s Only Natural

As a long time, homeopathic pet groomer, I have always happily been on the outside of the “regular” grooming circle. I have been called the granola groomer, the hippy groomer—I prefer The Oily groomer. As a certified aromatherapist, essential oils and plants play a central part in my practice.

higher elevation

A Higher Elevation: Pet Groomers & State Licensing

There is so much talk lately about licensing for our industry. We have many different wonderful grooming associations to belong to. We have many ways to become certified in breeds, breed groups and even in species specific grooming. We do have some options for those that choose to continue to educate themselves as pet groomers/ stylists.


Intent: A Mind, Body & Spirit Connection

What is intent? You set your intent by the actions you take, the words you speak and the energy you emit. Your intent is put out into your world through word and deed daily. Pretty hefty stuff, huh?

Confession; I'm a stripper

Confession; I’m A Stripper

I confess…I am a stripper. I know, shocking as it may seem, I love to hand strip, roll coats, pluck and twist. Whew, feels good to confess that I use a stripping knife and stripping tools a lot in my grooming, and sometimes even on non-terrier breeds!

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