Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, ICMG, Author at Groomer to Groomer

Jennifer Bishop-Jenkins, ICMG

Jennifer Bishop–Jenkins, ICMG, owner of Love Fur Dogs in Glencoe, Illinois, was named Best Groomer in Chicagoland by the Chicago Tribune. She is the founder of the Illinois Professional Pet Groomer’s Association and serves on the board of both IPPGA and NAGA. Jennifer is a retired school teacher and author of The Groomers’s Guide to the 15 Coat Types, which will be available in 2021. Her academically–rich webinars can be found on Facebook under Groomer’s Guide, or by emailing [email protected]

Employee vs Independent Contractor

In the last four decades our grooming industry has experienced a notably rapid rise from relatively undervalued to highly professionalized. The impressive industry expansion and professionalization speaks well of all of us. I give special credit to our industry leaders who have urged us all to adopt better business acumen and best practices every step of the way.

Training & Hiring Persons with Disabilities

The therapeutic value of people with disabilities working with dogs is well established. Therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes have scientifically documented positive returns in health and well-being benefits; children struggling in schools learning to read have much better outcomes when they read to a dog; service dogs can literally be life-savers for their handlers.

Surviving the H3N2 Epidemic

At first it seemed just a tough bout of kennel cough, so we updated Bordetella vaccines. Yet every day we got worsening information. Was it the canine influenza (H3N8 virus)? The usual flu vaccines were the only treatment available. Symptoms were a distinctive cough, lethargy and inappetite.

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