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Are You Ready for Some Football?

By Dawn Omboy

Football fans come in all shapes and sizes and yes, even breeds. This little guy, Ash, is a big fan of Jarvis Jones, #95 quarterback for the Steelers. When his dad came in to pick up the little mix breed dog he mentioned just how much he loved the Steelers, and particularly the quarterback Jarvis Jones. So I told him I had just the thing for the family dog, who by the way is a rescue. I asked him to bring the little guy back the following day and I would paint a jersey on Ash, complete with his favorite number 95. The dad was very excited, Ash just liked all the attention he was getting.

So the day after his grooming he came back in for a dye job.  The hair on the jacket of the dog had been clipped short, making him a good candidate for this particular groom.

(Fig. 1) I started with a circle I had cut out of a regular piece of computer paper as a stencil for the outline. Holding it in place and using black dye and a paintbrush, I carefully dyed the outline for the logo on the dogs back, making sure to saturate the line all the way into the coat so that it will hold up through his next haircut. I also added black rings around the legs, neck and abdomen to complete the shirt.

(Fig. 2) The logo is actually an easy one, so from there I freehanded the symbols on the inside by starting to make crosses then filling them out (Fig. 3).


(Fig. 4) Next, I had to make sure we did not forget that all important #95 on the soon-to-be jersey. I used the same small, firm paint brush and black dye to paint on the number. Leave the color to set for about 30 minutes then rinse and dry.

(Fig. 5) You can then start adding the jersey color around your logo, being careful not to go inside the natural area on the logo. After this is done I outlined the logo once more to really make the black dye pop.

(Fig. 6) Using a fine but firm paintbrush and a dabbing motion, I dyed the word “Steel” into the logo and then heat set the color in with the help of a handheld blow dryer set on low heat for about 20 minutes before rinsing and drying.

Ash was now ready to go home and cheer on his favorite player, #95 Jarvis Jones of Pittsburgh Steelers. Hand painting on a short or flat coat is so much easier than trying to sculpt details into a fuller coat.

(Fig. 7) As the coat grows out, the logo will distort and get a bit lost and the jersey looks scruffy. So on Ash’s next visit to the salon he gets a short trim to cut away the yellow jersey on his jacket (Fig. 8).

Some of the logo was still visible so it was refreshed with dyes on a paintbrush giving him a new more subtle look that will be gone on his next visit. Ash, the once homeless dog, was fortunate enough to be rescued by a football fan who is also a big fan this little dog.

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