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August 18 - 21, 2016

All American Grooming Show

By Staff

Located in Wheeling, IL //

The All American Grooming Show is probably the most unique grooming show in the country. And that makes perfect sense, when you consider that it was founded by one of the industry’s most unique and passionate legends. Jerry Schinberg always wanted the best for the groomers, but he also wanted it done with flair. His inclination to combine the best with drama and style is why the All American Grooming Show is the birthplace of creative grooming and GroomTeam USA.

The All American Grooming Show is the longest running grooming show in the world. It is known for the patriotic theme that was so important to Jerry (as evidenced by his red, white, and blue suit that only he could pull off).

Jerry always strived to maintain that tradition while staying on the cutting edge of the grooming industry. The All American Grooming Show will continue those ideals by combining the fun, patriotic feel of the show with fresh new speakers and current trends in the industry.

For those that like to shop, the most exciting development might be that the show is sold out of vendor space for the first time ever. That means more new products to discover and stock up on and more show specials from your favorite vendors.

This year the show will also feature many new speakers and seminar topics. Several speakers will be making their All American debut. One of those highlights is the very popular Victor Rosado doing a seminar titled, “Developing Your Eye for Grooming and Conformation”.

There will be several exciting, new seminar topics this year, as well. Sue & Jay will be doing their popular “Super Short Styles” class. GroomTeam Super stars Lindsey Dicken and Veronica Frosch will team up to present their “Round Faces” demo. Teri DiMarino will do her all day “Grooming Business Summit”. There will also be a four-hour “Online Marketing for Pet Groomers” class, and a four-hour cat grooming class titled “Tip of the Nose to Tip of the Tail – Cat Grooming Made Easy”, among many other new classes and speakers.

As usual, the show will have GroomTeam USA sanctioned and creative grooming competitions, an Abstract Runway challenge, the Smock it To Me contest, and the Saturday night party.

The All American Grooming Show takes place at the Westin Chicago North Shore, August 18th-21st in Wheeling, IL. For more information, go to  ✂

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