1. Liliane Geerts says:


  2. Becky Clyde, Windyridge Westies says:

    Thank you for posting this video on grooming Westies. I am a Westie breeder. I see sooo many bad Westie cuts. I like when you said make sure their head is groomed round looking forward but also round from the side. I say the same you do to my clients. I do my heads slightly different but I will be referring your video to my puppy clients and fellow groomers. I also like your thinning shears. I will be buying a pair for myself.
    Nice video. Thank you!!

  3. Sherma says:

    The best seminars I have attended, the best techniques to improve Grooming and the best thinners. Encourage everyone to attend his seminars, you come away very refreshed and encouraged to improve your Grooming skills and build your clientele that notices the difference in their dogs look.

  4. Carolyn says:

    Very nice! Awesome dog!

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