PPGSA Standards of Care, Safety, and Sanitation

It should be the goal of every Pet Groomer and Stylist to treat all animals entrusted to their care with kindness, patience, respect and compassion, ensuring their safety, health and well-being.


  1. Karen Klebe says:

    kindness and commonsense. that s what it comes down to. I ran my grooming shop for 45 years with that in mind. No dog or cat w as ever harmed in my shop ! and some of them knew how to push your buttons but it came down to kindness and commonsense.Thats also what I taught all my groomers. In Ct. we were under the control of the Dept of Agriculture. They issued licenses for your shop not the groomer. They inspected periodically and at least once a year to issue a shop license and our govenor got into it and passed a bill making itmanditory that we charge tax and report to the Dept. of Revenue Services quarterly.

  2. TerryAnn says:

    She says the same thing over and over,
    For, a long period of time.
    However I didnt realize there was a cat gooming specialists.

    Would have liked the see training in care for unruly dog that can be mean.

    I have questions, but but if she goes on I cant ask.

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