1. Karon says:

    Excellent job – not sure where you are but I would for sure bring my dog to you for grooming!


    To Diane Betelak:

    Would love to buy a video of you grooming completely a Cavalier King Chas. Spaniel. Have watched your short video on “you tube” grooming BELLA’s head about a dozen times, if not more. Also would like to purchase all the items you use to obtain the exact look. If you don’t have a video grooming the King Chas. Spaniel, could you provide me with a name and e-mail address of someone you would recommend. I am sorry to take up your time but I am desperate. Have paid out a small fortune to groomers who don’t have a clue of the particular trim I am looking for. NOW!! After reading your creditiels I know why. Looks like I found the best and no one else can compete. THANKING YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR MUCH NEEDED HELP and would love to attend some of your shows.

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