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Toy Poodle in Diaper and Broccoli Trim

Toy Poodle in Diaper and Broccoli Trim

By Mrs. Jawook Min
Groomed by Jessica Min (South Korea)
Translated and Edited by Jennifer Lee (U.S.A.)

In this trim, the rear of the dog is shaped to give the appearance that it is wearing a diaper, complete with a big, round head that resembles a broccoli shape.

Fig 1) First, set the parting line from 1/2 inch behind the last rib line.

Fig 2) Cut in a crisp neckline while positioning the head backward.

Fig 3) Using a 4F blade, clip the body to the diaper line.


Fig 4) Next clip the entire shoulder to about an inch above the elbow.

Fig 5) To set the bottom line of the diaper, the line should be set slightly higher than the stifle. Repeat on the other side.

Fig 6) Make sure the diaper line is crisp and clean, then switch to a curved shear, rounding the entire diaper at every angle and direction. As far as the size of the diaper is concerned, it is entirely up to you—but keep in mind, finding the most balanced fit is very important.

Fig 7) Define the tail by either clipping or scissoring the top part of the tail to about 1/4 inch. Then smoothly blend it into the diaper.

Fig 8) Shape the legs into an A–Line shape by making them tighter at the top part and gradually getting wider at the bottom. The bottom part of the leg should be big and wide, barely cutting anything.

Fig 9) The shape of the feet should be big and wide as well. In some cases, you won’t even need to cut anything, just let them hang as they are naturally in order to create a more extreme look.

Fig 10) Shape the front legs as you did the rear legs; tighter at the top and gradually getting wider at the bottom.

Fig 11) The whole head should resemble a crown of broccoli. Round the entire back of the head, continuing so it’s rounded at every angle. You can either use curved or straight shears to achieve the best rounded look.

Fig 12) Carefully clean up any unnecessary hair around the eyes, especially at the corner of the eyes and front of the eyes. Do not cut too much in front of the eyes to get a “surprised look”.

TIP: Position the shear at the stop vertically and gently neaten up the hair that may be falling down.

Fig 13) Position your shears at the outer corner of the eye and in front of the ear and cut straight down to the cheek. Clean up the lip line then blend it into the muzzle.

Fig 14) Clean up the front part of the muzzle hair with thinning shears. The front part of the muzzle hair should be parallel to the nose. Also define the lip line with thinning shears.

Fig 15) Connect the chin to the side of the muzzle by cutting at a 45 degree angle with straight shears.

Fig 16) Using a curved shear, trim the bottom of the ear into a round shape. Also, the ear should be smoothly blended into the top of the head. The whole head should be rounded without any lines.

Fig 17) The comb is your best friend! Comb, spray and scissor to tidy up the dog.

The finished look is absolutely adorable! ✂

Mrs. Jawook MIN is an Adjunct Professor at Seoul Art College, an FCI Group Judge (1,4,5,9 Groups), Grooming Judge (KKF/AGF), Breed Standard Committee member (KKF), Grooming Master/Instructor (KKF), and an Animal Assisted Psychotherapist and Animal Behavior Counselor in South Korea. She is also a Poodle and Maltese Breeder. Some of her awards include: 2001, 2004 KKF National Grooming Contest Golden Prize Winner and 2004 KKF National Grooming Contest Grand Prize Winner.

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