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The Theodore: An Updated Teddy Trim

The Theodore: An Updated Teddy Trim

By Amanda Aaron

Our pet clients are often looking for something that is easy to maintain and also captures the unique expression of their dog. This trim focuses on a semi-short body trim and full scissored legs. You can create this look on just about any breed! For our purpose, I chose this miniature doodle.

Choose the length that suits your dog and your client’s preferred maintenance schedule. I’ve chosen an “A” clipper comb for my cordless clipper.

Fig 1) Clip the entire back of the topline with the desired length.

Fig 2) Follow down the ribs, contouring closely to the body.


Fig 3) Using the same clipper comb, outline the hip and clipper down into the tuck up.

Fig 4) Repeating the step in Figure 3, follow the outline around the shoulder, keeping close to the body.

Fig 5) Lift the front leg to make sure that all hair in between the front legs is uniform with the rest of the clippered coat.

Fig 6) Next, use thinning shears to blend the clippered area with the longer hair of the legs. This transition should blend seamlessly.

Fig 7) Repeat the step from Figure 6 to blend the front legs as well.

Fig 8 & 9) Using scissors or thinners, round each foot. Start with the front two toes and scissor around the foot to create the perfect round shape.

Fig 10 & 11) Trim all loose hairs around the leg to create a column.

Fig 12) Trim the hair on and under the point of rump. The front and back of the dog should look balanced. This is another great place to allow the pet’s body structure to dictate the choices you make to personalize this simple style.

Fig 13)Using thinning shears, clean out under the eyes. Lightly pull the hair forward over eyes and trim to desired length. Do not clipper the top of the muzzle or you will risk losing the softness of this facial expression.

Fig 14) Comb the muzzle hair forward and lightly trim the hair while aiming your shears toward the point of chest.

Fig 15) Once the desired length on the front of the dog’s face is achieved, follow the longest part of the muzzle hair by rounding it to the middle point of the inside of the ear.

Fig 16) Pull the ear forward and trim the hair that falls behind the ear.

Fig 17 and 18) Using blenders or shears, round off the top of the head. Comb up and side to side to ensure all of the hair is even.

Now pat yourself on the back while you turn the new “Theodore” over to his owner. Your client will love this new and customized version that perfectly captures the expression of their pet! ✂

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