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Mobile vs Salon

Mobile vs Salon

By Groomer to Groomer

Groomer to Groomer asked our Facebook followers: For those of you who worked both in a salon and as a mobile groomer, what do you find to be the pros and cons of each? The answers may surprise you…

Jessica T. “There are no pros to working in a salon after you have been mobile grooming. Only con of mobile grooming—traffic!”

Carole P.  “Mobile Cons: no bathroom, lonely, no one to help with a difficult dog or be there in case something happens, traffic, hot in the summer and cold in the winter.

Salon Cons: loud, constant interruptions, stressful when busy.”


Jackie D. “I have groomed in salons and groomed at a vets. (It has) now been 2 years owning my own mobile grooming van that my husband made. I love being my own boss and not having to work with other people.”

Lynn G. “For me, the pro of a salon is the customer comes to you. Cons, all the noise and commotion!

Pro of mobile grooming is it’s one–on–one with the dog with no other dogs barking and waiting. Cons would definitely be the traffic and drive time!”

Deann H. “I live in Las Vegas, spent 17 years in a salon and 10 of those years managing and grooming —very stressful when dealing with difficult staff and customers.

Salon Pros: never having to fill and empty water, having excellent water pressure.

I’ve been mobile for 10 months and loving it.

Mobile Pros: less stress, not waiting for anyone to drop off or pick up, relationships I make with these customers are rewarding.

I personally feel my worth as a mobile groomer. Yes, adapting to extreme weather and traffic can be hard, but worth every minute in exchange for not dealing with the salon stress.”

Janice P. “We have very cold winters and we did not have evening/night climate controlled storage for the mobile. Every night all tanks and hoses had to be drained, including fresh water. My allergies went crazy in the small space with the hair and dander. Awful—we had it one winter! I love my salons, I love the help, I love that our next dogs are already there and ready to finish. I love the space, the storage and our air cleaners. I’m salon all the way.”

Nat N. “Mobile pros: Less physical stress, more money!

Mobile Cons: Finding parking for a 15 foot van in an urban city, having to hang out with and go in peoples’ houses and talk with them for like 30 mins while they find their dog. I’m all for creating a relationship with your clients, but it was a bit much for me to be on that level.

Salon Pros: You have co–workers to talk to.

Salon Cons: You have co–workers!”

Mona B. “I do both mobile and studio. Mostly by myself and at times my daughter helps.

Mobile Pros: Mobile makes more money in less time. I work only with dogs under 30lbs, no struggling and I get less matted dogs. I get better tippers, no stress and I can park anywhere with my van. Yes, I have a bathroom. It’s a small space but it works.

Mobile Con: I hate using the blower in a small space. Probably my only complaint.

Studio Pros: Relaxing, I have a lot of space, I charge less but clients drive further than other shops, I have more equipment. I think working from home is better than shops. People are much nicer.”

Taryn B. “I have both and love both—both have pros & cons.

Salon pros: more room to carry more equipment/shampoos/stock etc., dogs can stay longer if needed, walks–ins can give extra business, climate controlled all day, washing machine on hand, toilet, fridge/lunch area, cages to help dry multiple dogs at same time.

Salon cons: walk–ins, rent, electricity, phone, extra setup expenses such as front counter, gates and retail shelves, people not picking up dogs on time or running late, more distractions throughout day.

Mobile pros: one–on–one with dog, less distractions, less equipment & stock needed, can be more in control of your day, get out in fresh air and see what’s happening in world, more loyalty in clients than in salon clients, can charge more for home service, no walk–ins, get to know dog and owners better.

Mobile cons: weather (even if your mobile is climate controlled, you still have to get out in weather to get dog & return it), traffic, if mobile unit breaks down you may not be able to work, more fussy and demanding clients as they expect personalized service, time limit to get to next appointment, owners not home to catch dog and getting paid can be issue.”

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