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The Real Dirt On Clay

Oh yes, give me some of that French green; that special Kaolin or Australian black. Yes, I am talking about clay. As far back as prehistoric times, humans have used clay internally and externally to relieve ailments and treat wounds. We may have followed the example of animals, who by instinct, eat and roll in mud for this very purpose.

Pet Pain Awareness

The best quality of life is what all pet owners want for the furry members of their families. Pain diminishes the optimal enjoyment of life, but would you know when your pet is suffering?

Bleeding Injuries

In the 15 years I have been grooming, one thing I learned is that accidents can and do happen. We do not plan them, but we work with live animals. Being prepared to perform first aid promptly will reduce the pet’s pain and speed healing.
First aid is the prompt care of wounds prior to any necessary veterinary treatment.

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