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Dental Disservice

Want to get veterinarians, groomers, and boarding facility management foaming at the mouth like mad dogs? Just bring up the topic of dental cleaning performed outside of the confines of a veterinary hospital. It won’t be a pretty sight…

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Can Groomers Team Up with Veterinary Clinics and Win?

Have you been thinking of creative ways to start a new grooming business, or move into a new location, and make it a home run? Some of the most successful groomers have partnered with other businesses that have large numbers of pet–owning clients. And veterinary clinics can be a perfect match for your new venture. But what are the ways to make this a winning relationship, and what are common pitfalls to avoid?

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Pet Insurance a Real Lifesaver

As pet lovers and pet care professionals, we want the pets that we care for to enjoy long and healthy lives. Unfortunately, that is not always the way things turn out. Pets get hurt, develop life threatening conditions, or suddenly become ill. We have all heard horror stories from distraught pet parents about taking their pets to emergency veterinary clinics and being unprepared for the costs associated with diagnosing and treating their beloved pet.

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Understanding Titles & Roles

In the Veterinary Hospital
The pet industry as a whole is one of the most steadily increasing markets in the country. While owners are showing increased value in the relationship they have with their pets, and the willingness they have to spend larger quantities of money on them, they are also doing more research to ensure their pets are receiving the best products and services available.

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