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Primping Puppies

Last week I groomed a very nice, well behaved dog. I complimented his owner on his excellent grooming manners and she said, “When he was a puppy, the groomer where I used to live had me bring him in every week for a while. They would put him on the table and play with him, trim his nails, give him a little brushing.

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Puppy Power

Grooming Tips for the Pet Stylists
I love grooming puppies, but they can present a real challenge for a pet stylist. Since grooming is a new experience for a puppy, it can be hair-raising. Puppies want to play and investigate. Everything is fun and games.

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Keeping the Fluffball Fluffy

Cute! Cute! Cute! Isn’t this why we became groomers? To cuddle the cute fluffy ones? Now that we’ve disabused ourselves of the notion that they are all going to be cute fluff balls ….what do we do?
I am so happy when the owner of a young pup brings the dog in for a first grooming. Everything is new to a puppy;

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Hosting Puppy Grooming Workshops

There are many benefits to gaining new puppy clients in your salon. Puppy owners are excited about the new addition to their family, and prepared to give their new puppy the best to set them up for a lifetime of success. Unfortunately many puppy owners wait until their puppy’s coat is already becoming overgrown until they book their first grooming appointment,

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