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Brat? Not Me!

We all know that we love our dogs. I’m sure you wouldn’t be reading this magazine or this story for that matter if you didn’t love dogs. We also know that we’ll put up with one heck of a lot for the sake of our furry friends.

Helping Hospice & Palliative Patients Care for Their Pets

Peace of mind. Few things in this world are more precious. Yet attaining peace of mind is not always easy, especially if you are facing a devastating illness and you are not sure who will care for your pet if you can’t.
We have all heard countless stories of older pet owners that struggle to care for their beloved companions. And many are really concerned about what will happen to their precious pets if something happens to them.

The Groomer’s Role in Pet Nutrition and Supplements

You are what you eat. We all know that phrase, and it’s just as true for pets as it is for people. Every day in our salons, we see pets that obviously need help in the dietary department—the obese, the ones with skin issues and poor coats.

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