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A Funny Thing Happend…

Grooming Matters
When working with people and animals, amusing things can happen. Sometimes those things don’t seem so funny at the time, but given a little space and room to breathe, they can become great stories.

There Should be a Cream for That!

The majority of my clients are wonderful blessings; dear people that are the back bone of my business and allow me to support my family. And then there is my hemorrhoid, Ms. B., a preverbal pain in my rear, whom even after liberal medical treatment just seems to pop back up at the worst time.

The Scarf Lady

Several years ago, I started making dog collars and scarves in my spare time. Back then, my “spare time” consisted of allowing myself a handful of hours each week in the craft room. The scarves that I make are, for the most part, extremely colorful. I search high and low for the perfect fabrics that really grab attention. I will admit that I am a glitter freak. If it sparkles and shines, I’ve gotta use it.

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