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difficult dogs

Grooming Cut Short

One of the blessings of dog behavior is that you can change it. One of the curses of dog behavior is that it can change.
For instance, I was working with a dog yesterday who gets violent if you try to groom his rear end. He is remarkably like Bear, the Mini Schnauzer I recalled in a previous column. If you try to touch this dog’s rear end, he’ll bite you. We have made great progress with this little guy and decided it was time to go to the groomer to test our progress.

“Can’t Promise Pretty”

Mary Oquendo coined this phrase back in the early days of petgroomer.com. It stuck in my mind, because in the grooming profession, you can’t always promise pretty.
In a perfect world, puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats, would stand on our grooming tables like statues.

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