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Groomers Behind Bars

“Kristie and I were initially kind of worried when we went to prison,” said pet stylist Emily Rupe. Kristie Kingsland, owner of As the Tail Wags Grooming in Oviedo, Florida, joined Emily in doing some time. But it wasn’t hard time.

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Golden Heroes

As professional groomers and certified (or certifiable!) dog lovers, we are all aware of the beauty, adaptability, and smarts of the Golden Retriever. We’ve seen them in action as service dogs for the physically disabled, guide dogs for the blind, comfort dogs for the traumatized in times of national disasters, therapy dogs for the sick, and reading dogs for children with learning difficulties.

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Giving Love

“Where does the money from the silent auction go?” It’s a question inevitably asked at each of Barkleigh Productions’ grooming expos, where attendees can bid on everything from dog beds and pet-themed welcome mats to cordless clippers and bottles of shampoo.

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Scrubbing Paws for a Cause

New Hampshire groomer Sarah Comeau was getting her own hair “groomed” at her favorite salon when she overheard the stylists there talking about a fundraiser they were involved in. The salon was offering a shampoo and blow dry event to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Sarah found the idea to be an exciting one and took it back to discuss with her grooming friends.

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