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Perfect Poodle Topknot

Do you have trouble achieving that perfect Poodle topknot? These step-by-step instructions will have you wowing your clients with that show-dog look and cleaning up in the competition ring in no time!

Fig 1) Start with making sure the topknot is completely tangle-free and straight. I like a longer-tine, wider Poodle comb for this and a good anti-static spray. Comb all the hair towards the back of the skull, otherwise you’ll cut off the front of the topknot when making the initial cut.

Fig 2) Comb the hair just behind the eye sockets forward. This shorter hair is the building block that will hold up the front of your topknot.  

Fig 3) Trim the front from corner of the eye to corner of the eye with curved shears angled out away from the dog like you are doing the bevel on the legs.  


Fig 4)  Now, with the shears at the same angle, go from the corner of the eye to the front of the ear. This line should be crisp with the clipper line, but still keep in mind that you want a bevel shape, not a square.  Flip the ear back and continue that line over the ear.  

Fig 5) Repeat on the opposite side.

Fig 6) Now comb all the hair from left to right and continue the line from the front to the back of the top knot.  

Fig 7) It should look symmetrical like this.  

Fig 8) Repeat on the opposite side.

Fig 9) Now  that the sides are finished, comb all the hair forward and clean up any loose ends on the front of the topknot.

Fig 10)  With the front and sides finished, continue to blend the back of the head into the neck. Work from the top into the neck and blend.  

Fig 11) Once the topknot is combed back through and even, comb the ears down and bevel them with a pair of curved shears. ✂️

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