Interviews with the Icons: Lindsey Dicken - Groomer to Groomer

Interviews with the Icons

Lindsey Dicken

Lindsey Dicken is one of the most decorated competitive groomers in the U.S.

She started competing just one year after becoming a groomer 19 years ago and has been on GroomTeam USA since 2006, earning a position on the last five traveling teams, and bringing home two silver medals and three gold medals. Lindsey has won multiple Barkleigh Honors awards and is one of the creators and administrators of the award–winning ProGroomer Network on Facebook. 

Jonathan: Hi Lindsey, I’m sure you can’t wait to get back in the ring! You’re a highly–decorated competitor in all the classes with a variety of breed wins, what’s the inspiration that keeps your competitive fire burning? 

Lindsey: I love my profession—combining art with dogs. I am very competitive by nature, so constantly testing my skill against others with the same passion is addicting. I love learning also, so I’m always looking to try new breeds and styles and change things up. 


Jonathan: Speaking of competitive fire, you’ve traveled to five world competitions as a member of the GroomTeam USA traveling team, what’s your favorite memory from any of those trips?

Lindsey: There are countless amazing memories—too many to possibly recount—but my favorite part is how our whole team comes together as one to help and support the people we’ve been competing against all year. We all get up early, help wash and prep each other’s dogs, and cheer and support from the sidelines as each member competes. The experience is incredible and unforgettable. 

Jonathan: That sounds amazing and you’ve done very well. But you do quite well in another competitive ring; you breed and show stunningly beautiful Bichon Frise. What is it about the breed that captured your heart?

Lindsey: I got into the breed quite by accident. It was never a breed I had an active interest in or even pictured myself owning. I had just moved to Florida when I heard from my employer that grooming legend Liz Paul was battling cancer and was placing several of her prize Bichons. I took a ride over to her house with my boss to pick up some dogs that were being placed with clients. While there, I got to speaking with Liz and expressed my desire to be a great competitive groomer and to nail the Bichon trim. Somehow that turned into me taking a dog right then and there! She handed me the sweetest little shaved–down dog with huge brown eyes and said her name is Eve. The rest is history, and Eve is behind every single one of my Bichons today. 

Jonathan: Liz Paul! Wow! What an honor and such a wonderful gift. When you’re not competing, you’re back home running your salon, Fetching Canine Grooming & Boutique. What’s your favorite aspect of being a business owner?

Lindsey: My favorite part is that I don’t actually own a business! Everyone thinks I am the owner, but it’s actually my dear friend Cynthia. We’ve worked together for 16 years and are more like family. I am too busy traveling and don’t really have a business brain—I think I’d be a terrible business owner! I have the best of both worlds this way; Cynthia takes care of the business end of things and the four of us girls work really well together—and I can still travel to grooming and dog shows. 

Jonathan: It’s always a joy to work with people you love. I also happen to know that you’re a very talented artist. I’ve seen some of the incredible work that you’ve done. Do you think that grooming is another expression of your art, similar to sculpture? 

Lindsey: Grooming is absolutely art, it’s why I love it. Art was always my favorite class in school and college, and when I discovered grooming as a profession, it was like hitting the jackpot…I could combine my love of animals and art, and get paid to do it! There’s something so satisfying about carving a work of art out of a blank canvas of hair. 

Jonathan: So you’re an accomplished competitor, an accomplished breeder and an artist with admirers around the globe, what else can we expect from Lindsey Dicken?

Lindsey: I am perpetually going, going, going. I’m not content unless I’m doing something! With most grooming shows on hold for the last year, I really tried to focus on my dogs and my breeding program. I took 2020 to breed my dream litter, and really look forward to watching them grow and shine in the ring. We are currently preparing for our national specialty later this year, in addition to gearing up for some grooming shows!

Jonathan: Wonderful! I’ve seen the pups’ pictures and they’re gorgeous. Good luck in the ring, and I’ll see you at a show soon! ✂️

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