Standard Poodle Teddy Trim - Groomer to Groomer

Standard Poodle Teddy Trim

This groom is a four-month-old black Standard Poodle’s first appointment where I put him in an easy Teddy Trim. The finished product isn’t as sculpted as an adult; I leave things softer by not trimming the ears and leaving fullness between the ear-set. These appointments are about introducing the puppies to grooming as well as introducing the pet parents to your style.

Fig 1) Using a wide #30 blade under a 3/4″ guard comb, clip down the topline, ribcage and loin following the growth of the coat until smooth.

Fig 2) Using the same tools, clip off the upper thigh and the outside of the shoulder muscle to begin blending into the leg coat.

Fig 3) After scissoring the bottom of the foot, comb everything to one side to gather the hair that will be trimmed into your foot bevel.


Fig 4) Repeat this process on the other side and then again on the three remaining feet.

Fig 5) Using a 1/2″ guard comb, take all of the coat off from the pin bone to the deepest part of the dog’s knee bend. It will begin to create the sweeping shape of the dog’s angulation.

Fig 6) Over the dog’s point of chest use a 5/8″ guard so that there is a proudness to the chest when viewed from the side.

Fig 7) While holding the dog’s leg forward, take a 1/2″ guard comb in reverse from the tuck-up to the armpit for an easier to maintain trim for you and the client.

Fig 8) While viewing the dog from the rear, comb all the leg coat straight up and scissor your inner parallels first. Then using the thickest part of the thigh, scissor the outside of the leg. This should create an “A” frame.

Fig 9) Scissoring downward can help you set the line, but go back over and scissor upward for a plush finish.

Fig 10) Using a curved scissor, trim the hair from the front of the dog’s shoulder to the toe. From here, use your curved scissor to work the shape all the way around the dog’s leg.

Fig 11) Using the same length that was used to clip the body, clip the dog’s cheek from the zygomatic arch down to the neck.

Fig 12) Next, use a 1″ guard comb on the hair from the chest to the withers, and then use scissors to blend the lengths.

Fig 13) Tilt the head up and use blenders to clear any hair that may still be marring the separation from head to neck.

Because it was this puppy’s first groom, I simply cleared the stop and trimmed the visor to complete the groom.

Now have fun with it and make it your own. This will work beautifully on Poodles, Doodles, Bichons and even a SCWT! ✂️


Blake Hernandez

With his crazy suits and outgoing personality, Blake Hernandez is the epitome of “Mr. Approachable,” making him a shot of energy and positivity for the industry. Blake is the 2020 Barkleigh Honors Seminar Speaker of the Year and co–creator of Groomsource, the dog grooming education hub. He also represents Foxy Roxy’s Supply Co., Ladybird Line smocks and GroomLoop, but is best known for his online persona and feature in episode four of Netflix “DOGS” documentary series. Blake manages a successful salon in San Diego, CA, grooming many breeds, with Poodles being his true passion. Find Blake on Instagram @blakemhernandez

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