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Diamond Carbide Nail Grinding Wheel

By Jeff Andrews

A new tool has come into the grooming industry, and it has amazed every groomer that has used it. It is a must have for anyone who grinds nails after clipping. This diamond-coated carbide wheel replaces the paper wheels you’re putting on your Dremel to grind nails. It fits on the mantle you’re currently using on your Dremel, and they don’t break apart. This wheel is washable, and you can grind nails right in the tub to keep the dust down. You can use it on dogs, cats, horses, reptiles, and even birds. If the nail has rough edges after clipping, this wheel won’t splinter the nail like the paper wheels sometimes do. It leaves a very smooth finish. It also does not cause vibration, which scares the dog.

It’s not as expensive as you might think when you compare the wheels you use now and the time they break apart when you’re doing a nail. Paper wheels are 60 grit; the diamond wheel is 150 grit, making it a very smooth finish. Our shop spent $120 on paper wheels in 2012; we bought one diamond wheel, and it’s been going for almost 18 months. That’s a big savings as far as I’m concerned.

You don’t have to dry the feet before clipping and grinding the nails. Rain, snow, water, and even mud don’t affect the way this wheel grinds the nails, and it cleans up with soap and water right under the faucet using a toothbrush. It can get warm, since it’s metal, usually on the second set of nails on a big dog. To cool, just stop grinding and stick the whole wheel in a cup of cold water you have standing by. It won’t hurt a thing by getting it all wet like that.

The diamond wheel came from the tool and die industry, where it was used to grind off the burr of machined parts as they came out of the lathe, saving several production steps. It is being sold on Facebook, by some sharpening services, and by some vendors at dog and grooming shows. The average price for this wheel is $20.00, which usually includes the mandrel it’s on. It fits all Dremels, and fits any nail grinding system that takes a half-inch Dremel wheel. This is a must have and will pay for itself.

Jeff Andrews is a World Class Sharpener and owner of Northern Tails Sharpening, Inc. Northern Tails Sharpening sells this diamond-coated carbide wheel. It can be mailed anywhere in the world. Jeff is an author and pioneer of many equipment maintenance videos and how-to articles that are appreciated by groomers worldwide at no cost. Jeff is a member of NDGAA, IPG, and NAPCG, and still grooms at his shop in Mobile, AL. 251-232-5353 www.northerntails.com

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