1. Anna maria says:

    Amazing,you move so quick, n thank you so much for the great handling tips!

  2. Tracey Bidwell says:

    Amie mentions the blade not getting hot because of the type of clippers she is using. What is the clipper and blade called? I can’t see the logo.

  3. Deedee says:

    What brand of blade do you use?

  4. Susanne Frederiksen says:

    This was very funny to watch, been there done that lol.
    A couple of things though, never leave arms open to being bitten, she’s familiar with this guy, but some cats may not give a warning…and chomp

  5. Maureen Riberdy says:

    Best way to groom a cat!

  6. Angie says:

    Is the blade just a typical 5f?

  7. rosie says:

    good cat and even better groomer !

  8. Lauren Cody says:

    Awesome demo…thank you!!! Have to say, though, that the is not a difficult/feisty cat lol. That is one of the best behaved cat’s I’ve ever seen :):):)

  9. Tammy says:

    I’m sorry but I’ve been grooming cats over 25 years and I would never ever allow that to be climbing on me like! Just a matter of time till she gets bit. My mother got bit on the finger and lost it. that is a very very dangerous way of grooming a cat. I am just so shocked that people would say that’s a great way of handling a cat and I’m shocked that they even put this video on this site!

    • Debora says:

      Thats axactly how i was thinking. Poor cat totaly in stress. We do it totaly different here in the Netherlands. We dont want that the cat have a bad experiance to go to the groomer. So we do evrything in peace and calmness.
      So the cat is reaxed. If we know that the cat is difficult w ask the owner to stay to help holding the cat because most of the time they get calm of from the smell of the owner because they know her or him. Really it breaks my heart to see this cat in stress and more of all why do you want to shave all the furr that is still good! A good aducated cat groomer knows to shave only the filted places. This is in my eyes really a bad example of how to handle a cat with shaving.

  10. Deb says:

    I don’t groom cats…and after watching this I’m glad I don’t…I like them natural…I don’t see the point in doing this to him…and the flower…huh!…sorry…that’s my opinion:)

  11. Penny says:

    This is so wrong grooming cats. This cats coat was perfect before you groomed it. Cats groom themselves. People buy a hairless cat if you want it to be shaved. Imagine how this cat feel…..NAKED!!!!
    Try shaving your hair off your head. How would you feel!

  12. Jane says:

    I have a terrific flame point Himalayan who hates to be groomed. After several years of listening to him howling and writhing while being groomed, I realized that combing out the mattes and fur was causing him a great deal of discomfort (dare I say pain). So the groomer and I decided that shaving would be faster and last longer between visits. He actually purringly responds more to touch on his shaved body and I think he looks adorable. But he still is just as difficult to shave and the groomer gave us our walking papers. I wish Amie would demo grooming a cat as difficult as my Finn as I agree that the cat in this demo is pretty easy.

  13. Cathy says:

    Wow great fast cut,
    As far as the flower, not my taste.

  14. Natasja says:

    Great video ! Exactly tells you how to molest your cat. Why shave it and clip away the hair on his feet?! Clear case to call in animal protection. Utterly disgusted by this.

  15. Linda says:

    Why shave a shirthair cat with no matting? Useless no need for shaving any cat…..

  16. Saskia Heijboer says:

    What a terrible way to groom a cat! I’m a certified cat groomer myself and I just wanted the world to know that we don’t groom cats this way in The Netherlands. This cat is SCARED, not difficult, and his coat seems to be in perfect condition. Such a waste to shave it off, unless there was a medical reason or so. Also the belly of the cat is bald. How come? Is it licking itself? That’s often a stress related but could also have a medical cause. Is the owner of the cat notified about that? A good groomer does such things. A good groomer would also not use a shy cat like this for PR stunts in front of a camera. This looks more like a sumo-wrestling with two totally not matching opponents. Sorry, breaks my groomer’s hart to watch it.

  17. Angelique says:

    I am shocked. We do not groom cats this way in the Netherlands. Wow yhis is terrible. No way this animal has feelings, if you groom a cat this way, you really don’t understand the cat and his feelings.

  18. Elly says:

    The groomer is much to nervous to make it nice for the cat.
    The cat is very sweet but because the nervous groomer it looks like he is not.
    Because of that it’s not a good demo.
    But I think in her groomingsalon she is a good groomer
    Now it is sad fot the cat

  19. Inez says:

    This is so typical American, everything for show. Proud to be a Dutch groomer, we groom when it’s necessery not for fun, this is so cat-unfriendly! It’s a shame.

  20. Maryse says:

    What a shame, distroying this cats beautiful coat and make it even more ugly with painting on it. Poor cat, this is animal cruelty and has nothing to do with good grooming, where you take care of an animals coat. I am very shocked that this lady does this. This is far over the edge, I feel very sad for the cat.

  21. Audrey says:

    What a stupid video! You take al the protection away of the cat with no reason what so ever. A groomer has to have respect for the Naturalis state of the coat not destroy it! There is no problem with this cat gis coat there are no thangles. I hope this is not the future for europe. And of i was the cat o Would try to escape as wel.

  22. Heather says:

    I’ve worked as a cat groomer for over 5 years. The minute the words “5 reverse” were uttered I stopped the video. You should NEVER use anything longer then a 10 to shave a cat. Cat skin is incredibly thin and delicate and it makes me sick to my stomach to think of the kind of injuries this woman will eventually cause.

  23. Jaimee Lacey says:

    Poor cat. Im not very experienced but even i know that isnt a very good example.

  24. Dawne says:

    Man… people are so hateful. Compared to how my cat handles grooming, that cat is amazing.

    My maine coon HAS to be shaven because he refused to self-groom, and gets mats and poop stuck to his butt and tail. He also won’t let the other cat in the house groom him. (Which I am grateful for, cause that other cat would probably get sick.)

    Shaving isn’t always a choice. It’s a requirement for him. And since he hates being touched, even by me, he has to be drugged to sleep to even do that! Even attempting to PET anywhere but his head (pre or post shave) results in hissing and biting. And considering he hates petting, brushing is never an options.

    I WISH I could shave him myself like this! Rather than paying a vet $200 per visit to shave him. After-all, normal groomers don’t have the sleepy drugs, and even the vets agree that he is too aggressive to try to groom while he’s awake.

    And before anyone tries to @ me, yes he’s been like this since he was a kitten, and no there is no clear reason for his behavior. Some cats, like people (Including some in this comment section), are just mean-spirited.

  25. Robin Morehouse says:

    Thanks for the demo … I’m super impressed with that cat !!! The haircut is done at a grooming show ( cats been in the car and hotel and now he has dogs and a crowd of people )
    I think the groomer was skilled and humane … I have my doubts about this method with a less tolerant cat but it’s true that most of my cats are this tolerant as well . I love that she mentions taking breaks and interacting with kitty in a friendly manner .
    To my Dutch friends .. we Americans are very selfish .. short hair cats shed like crazy So trimming them stops that instantly . Just like neutering males makes them have no boy smell and stops them from licking urine … not best for the dog but great for owner . If the cat gets more petting and attention because it sheds less … I’m all for it . But you Dutch set a higher standard for us to look up to… be patient with us and inspire us with your progressive animal welfare methods :) ps .. try shaving a short hair cat … they are so soft and lovely after !!

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