1. Denice D. Thom says:

    Absolutely love the creative groom competition!!! Have for more than 15 yrs. Seems that too
    much goes into the show the groomers are presenting. Isn’t the judging on the groom or is
    it on the plays, poems, or singing?

  2. Kevin Knippenberg says:

    I love competing in the creative grooming. I have only been in 3. I think the skits are cute and fun, can get over the top at times. The time and money invested in the dog should be given more attention. Thanks :)

  3. Sheila Wilson says:

    I was just wondering if someone could help me out here. I went to dog grooming school 25+ years ago and back then we were never really taught a out dye for dogs. Now I have another situation. I’m disabled and have a black Standard Poodle and I would like to dye her hears and tail shocking pink. I have bought some dog dye and I followed the instructions and my dogs ears And tail did not take. Please give me instructions on how my desired look can come about.

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