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The First Rule Of Branding Is, We Talk About Branding

Branding is more than just a fancy logo and some text. You know that feeling you get when you see the Coca-Cola logo? What about Apple, or maybe even Walmart? Do any of those induce certain emotions for you? 

Branding is a crucial element to a successful business and should tell the story of what you are marketing. It is exciting to start this adventure—we all work very hard to reach the goal of having our own business—and we should be able to show our enthusiasm with our brand. Even a groomer’s logo should make their clients feel something, whether it be an upscale vibe or a hometown staple.

First, we should talk about why it matters to you. Looking at how humans work is essential, as we tend to process images much faster than words. Having a clear, concise and consistent vision for anything representing your business (business cards, postcards, shirts, stickers, magnets, etc.) can boost your brand awareness. Brand awareness is precisely what you think it is; people see your logo and KNOW it is you. 

So, what are some concepts that make a good logo? 


A logo should clearly convey what your business is related to, include readable fonts for the type, a short and sweet business name, and complimenting colors. Logos can be an image with text or just text alone. When looking for an outstanding design, you want something that can easily translate from one solid color, to black & white, and to multicolor easily. You also want to stand out. Think of all the other similar businesses local to you and develop ideas different from them. 

One thing to think about when planning a logo is, how much would this cost for embroidery? You know you would love a jacket with your logo to wear around, and if you have several colors in your logo, you will be paying more. How about providing shirts or uniforms for your staff? These are all circumstances we may not think of when starting a business.

Color is a huge part of your logo. We all know specific colors convey certain emotions, such as red representing strength or excitement, while blue can give off a relaxed or calm mood. 

Another aspect to keep in mind that we have already touched upon is readability. Most people get an opinion of something within a few seconds, and with a clear logo, you can catch potential clients quickly. The average person has four seconds to read a billboard while driving. Having a business name that is easy to read and understand is vital for any establishment, even yours. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself when planning out your logo:

  • What do I want to be represented in my logo (my personal dogs, a breed I love, shears or combs, etc.)?
  • Do I plan on catering to more than just dogs?
  • What do I want my business name to be?
  • What style would I like (modern, art deco, cartoon, upscale, etc.)?
  • What colors would I like?
  • What will this eventually be put on (cards, shirts, bags, cups, stickers, etc.)?
  • What is my business model (storefront, mobile, house-call, etc.)?

So now that you have these tips to point you in the right branding direction, where do you go to get a logo made? 

Ask in your favorite online groups where others had theirs made, or if you see a local business with a logo you like, ask where they got theirs designed. A good logo is worth its weight in gold for you and your business. 

Now, I know what you are thinking…“I already have a logo and brand; can I make some changes?” Of course you can! Being consistent when making a change and making it obvious is critical. Consulting a designer that has experience in re-branding would be a great place to start.

As branding pioneer Walter Landor once said, “Products are made in a factory, but brands are created in the mind.” 

We as groomers can offer more than just a service, and our first impression should tell that story—whether you are a one-person show, have multiple locations or even a fleet of vans. We work hard to perfect our craft, and people should see just how exciting that is in our brands. ✂️


Markie James

Markie James is a NC native, member of Foxy Roxy Pro team, member of the NDGAA, and graduate of the CVCC advertising and graphic design program where she did work for hundreds of grocery stores, high-end furniture companies, and freelance. She has been grooming for over 12 years, attends continuing education yearly, has competed in grooming competitions where she placed best first-timer and third place at APF 2020, and owns/operates Bark Side Pet Grooming which has won numerous local awards for excellence and quality.

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