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GroomTeam USA’s Golden Girls

In the fall of 2012, after two years of intense competition, the GroomTeam USA 2013 Travel Team was announced. Lindsey Dicken would compete in the Scissoring class, Irina Pinkusevich would compete in Setters and Spaniels, Veronica Frosch would be competing in Poodles, and Michell Evans…

Watch All American LIVE

GroomerTV is streaming the All American Grooming Show on Facebook Live Friday, August 9 to Sunday, August 11, at 9am – 5:30pm CST. Watch the contests and awards in real-time, chat with others, and get advice from the best in the industry. All American is the longest running grooming show and has one of the largest contests. Click here to watch All American Grooming Show on Facebook Live!

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