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James Severs

Director of Operations & Marketing

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91% of groomers prefer our magazine!

The quickest way to success in the pet industry is to have the groomers using, selling, and recommending your products.

Barkleigh Productions has been on the cutting edge of this evolution. Our efforts have been to maintain the most effective mailing list and offer exciting publications and events to the pet industry. Each of our publications reaches the ideal customer.

Our flagship publication, Groomer to Groomer, is trusted by pet care professionals nationwide. It is the industry’s most effective marketing tool and is distributed to more facility owners than any other publication.

80% are Owners
63% have two or more employees

"Our advertising in Groomer to Groomer Magazine account for an astounding 80% of our groomer leads!"

Derrick Kassebaum — Tropiclean

"Groomer to Groomer is the most prestigious magazine for Grooming Industry Insiders!"

Jai Rodriquez — Host of Animal Planet’s Groomer Has It

"Groomer to Groomer magazine is like the Vogue magazine of dog grooming!"

Natalie Morales — Co-Host of NBC’s Today Show

"Since the day I started grooming, I’ve loved Groomer to Groomer magazine for its unmatched content. Now that I’m an advertiser, I love it even more. It’s the only publication that I know I will get quality leads every time."

Jay Scruggs — Certified Master Groomer, Super Styling Sessions

"Being on the cover of Groomer to Groomer is like being on the cover of Rolling Stone ... It’s a BIG deal!"

Dawn Omboy — The Queen of Color, featured on NBC Today Show’s Creative Grooming coverage.