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Returns to Baltimore Nov. 11–14

Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo

By Staff

The 2013 Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo will return to the Sheraton Baltimore North from November 11 to 14, and it will be bigger and better than the 2012 inaugural show. Attendees can expect more events, larger seminar rooms, and a bigger trade show. Seminars will reflect a wide variety of topics, and events will offer plenty of opportunities for discussion and networking.

This year’s expo will kick off on Monday evening with a keynote address by Eileen Proctor. At age 44, Eileen abandoned a 25-year career in corporate marketing to pursue her passion of quality dog care. All are invited to join Eileen as she tells the inspiring and motivating story about her journey from boardrooms to biscuits.

Seminars will begin Tuesday morning and will address a variety of topics, including animal behavior, animal health, daycare, business, and facility design. “Last year’s seminar attendance far exceeded our expectations. Classes sold out and rooms were beyond full, because the space we had simply was not large enough,” explains editor Cindy Agoncillo. Though the show is returning to the same venue this year, seminar classrooms will be much larger, allowing all who are interested in education to attend the classes of their choosing. It also affords the freedom to register for seminars at the door.

In response to additional feedback, some of the seminars will be offered multiple times throughout the three days of education. There will be multiple opportunities to attend “Reading Canine Body Language” with Dr. Valarie Tynes, “Can’t Miss Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies” with Eileen Proctor, and “Dog Bites and Dog Fights in an Off-Leash Play Setting” with Robin Bennett. On Tuesday afternoon, Robin will join Susan Briggs for a four-hour session on temperament testing. They will also offer a one-hour condensed version of this class on Thursday afternoon.

Dr. Valarie Tynes, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist, will present several sessions on animal health and behavior, including a four-hour seminar on understanding exotic pets like rabbits, birds, and ferrets. Throughout the expo, she will also address feline body language, how animals learn, and how to read veterinary records. Animal health topics also include seminars with Chris Quinlan, who

will explain how to prevent infectious diseases and will emphasize the importance of proper cleaning procedures and hand hygiene to keep both clients and staff healthy.

Daycare staff will find several interesting seminars on the schedule, including sessions on off-leash play groups presented by Robin Bennett and Susan Briggs. Teena Patel, owner and operator of an Orlando-based daycare, will show you how to expand your facility from a daycare into an enrichment center for dogs.

Plenty of business topics are available for facility owners and managers. Seminars will address issues of liability, business plans, hiring and retaining employees, and low-cost marketing strategies that include community outreach programs and media exposure. Gretchen Meienburg will share tips on performance reviews and policies in her practical seminar, “Does Your Employee Handbook Need an Update or an Overhaul?”

Industry experts will present several seminars on facility design throughout the show. In a four-hour session, Ken Karmie will explain how artificial grass can give your facility a competitive edge. Scott Learned will address several design topics from noise control and fire protection to construction on a budget. Other topics will include flooring, designing for dog and cat boarding, and designing for daycare.

The trade show hall will also increase in size, which will allow for more space and additional vendors. At the Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo, the trade show is an excellent opportunity to learn about new products for your facility and purchase old favorites at special show prices. Vendors offer a variety of products from kennels, cages, and dog beds to sanitation systems, artificial turf, and facility design services. The trade show will be open on Wednesday and Thursday and will feature over 30 different vendors.

In addition to the seminars and trade show, attendees will have the opportunity to network with fellow pet boarding professionals at the meet and greet luncheons. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoon, the hotel restaurant will be reserved exclusively for attendees of the Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo. Luncheon ticket holders can enjoy a delicious meal while discussing the industry with those who are just as passionate about caring for pets. Share stories, “talk shop,” or use the provided discussion questions to guide your conversation during this time of camaraderie with like-minded pet care professionals.

Mark your calendars for November 11–14, 2013, and join us in Baltimore for the Pet Boarding & Daycare Expo. Registration and more information is available at

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