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Groomer To Groomer Asked Facebook…

By Staff

Which method do you use to keep track of your appointments & why does it work for you?

“I use an iPad pro and Google calendar and a desktop calendar as well. It’s easy when I am not at the shop to check the Google calendar and I share it with my husband so he knows what my scheduled day is.” 

— Julie T.

“Sally’s Beauty Supply appointment book! We’re old school!!”

— Colleen B.


“For me, Google calendar. It syncs with my FB page and I can see it on my phone. So it’s available everywhere I am.”

— Isabel N.

“Square appointments. It does all my CC processing, tracks all sales, retail inventory, online booking etc. And for a fair price.”

— Nicole N.

“At-a-Glance appt. book and pencil.” 

— Heather R.

“I use an appointment book and the computer program called Kennel Connection. It’s so awesome! It allows me to send email and text confirmations for appointments for the next day, it stores all of my customer base, and I print out sheets for my groomers that shows the dog/breed and the grooming notes.”

— Melissa P.

“Old fashioned way—index cards for details and previous appts, pen and paper diary, business cards with next appt. written on.” 

— Lindsay N.

“We are a two-groomer salon; we use paper appt. book, Barkleigh cards, my own in-take info sheets (which are laminated & we use dry-erase markers) and QuickBooks. Works perfect for us.😊”

— Colleen F.

“Acuity schedule. It’s inexpensive ($19 a month) it emails AND texts clients, also sends a follow-up email. I can block out time for the expos and vacation. I can keep notes on the dog AND the owner. It will also take CC info for online booking.”

— Tammy M.

“I’m a one woman show, I use Square and it works well for me.”

— Amanda V.

“Old school appointment book. Computers crash and internet fails and sometimes the electric even goes out, but the appointment book is still here. I have all of them saved, it’s interesting to look back through them.” 

— Ramona S.

“Groomsoft and old school daily planner. Groomsoft is amazing and easy to use. Customer information, grooming notes, special instruction, and animal behaviors can be seen at a glance. Daily planner helps to make appointments quickly and information easy to find.” 

— Shelley M.

“123pet…love the message reminders, and that I have access to schedule even when I’m away from the shop.”

— Ronda B.

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