Groomer to Groomer Asked Facebook… Which Grooming Tool Can’t You Live Without?

By Groomer to Groomer

“My electric table! I have to sit down to groom, so being able to adjust table height easily is nice. I also work alone, so I need it to get big dogs on my table, and we have an extra which I use to get them in the tub.”
— Michelle R.

“Clipper vac system. It keeps blades cool through the whole groom, and because it pulls hair straight up you do not have to brush up or go over the same area more than a few swipes, and it keeps the room clean.”
— Amanda E.

“My fluff dryer! I have no idea how I groomed for almost three years without a fluff dryer!!”
— Jess H.

“My Nail Trimmers have 14yrs of use. Trimmed thousands of nails with it and still going strong…”
— Harvey J.

“Groomers Helper! The look on [the dogs’] faces when they realize they can’t get to you”
— Summer R.

“My morbid sense of humor.”
— Deana B.

“Bravura cordless clippers.”
— Joan V.

“My hands. Without them I can’t work…”
— Ana Teresa R.

“No.7 skip blade for clipping out those nasty matts!”
— Linzi M.

“Coral Slicker from Chris Christian. I’m saving up for the Black one.”
— Shannon C.

“A non-aching body”
— Alyce M.

“The Sensei half-moon comb.”
— Demi K.

“Patience…and my quicker slicker.”
— Charlene E.

“Strong black coffee…”
— Kerris G.

“My Artero brushes!!”
— Grifferdoo S.

“Resco combs are the best, had mine 30 years.”
— Lori C.

“A dirty dog.”
— Deana F.

“Curved 6.5” scissors.”
— Amber E. “