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Looking for a fun way to surprise customers and help your shop stand out this fall? Be bold and festive with your very own Groom–O–Lanterns!

Pumpkin spice lattes, rustic leaves, crisp, cool air and fun Halloween decorations—Fall is well on its way and so are our new Groom–O–Lanterns! We had so many people the last two years using these adorable groomable dog templates to create their own Groom–O–Lanterns that we just had to create more designs for the 2019 fall season.

Check out these new designs as well as some of the lanterns from last year! Don’t forget to share photos of your masterpiece with us via the Groomer to Groomer Magazine Facebook page when you’re done. We love to see how creative our fellow groomers can be. 

Download the template suited for your skill level and follow these instructions for pumpkin carving success: Make sure to start with a spacious work area; this process can get messy. Lay down a garbage bag or some newspaper before making any cuts. Clean the exterior of your pumpkin with a disinfecting wipe or damp towel. Once ready, cut a hole around the stem area including a notch. The notch will help realign your top once it’s removed. Next, scrape out the flesh, pulp and seeds. 

Once you have decided on the side your pattern will go, scrape extra out of the area while still leaving at least an inch thickness. A thinner wall of pumpkin will make intricate cuts easier but too thin will be prone to collapse.


 Transfer the design using one of our templates by taping it on the pumpkin. Fold over the corners of your paper if necessary to keep the design flat. The darkest part of the template will be removed for light to shine through. Carefully, jab a dotted line following the outline of the template with an awl or sharp pointed tool. Remove the paper and carve along your dotted lines. Your pumpkin is now complete! 

Try different sized pumpkins for variety. Larger pumpkins offer up a larger surface area, making carving less of a hassle. Get your staff involved and host a carving party. Skip the templates all together and create your own! ✂️

Groom-O-Lantern Pdf Templates

Corgi “Boo”ty

Scared Poopless

Newfie Gonna Get You!

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