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2020 Vision: Getting Ready for the Grooming Year

By Michelle Knowles

Christmas season is finally here and all of the great products, new techniques, brand new shears and the perfect bows are being feverishly put to use. Now is the perfect time to start planning for the opening of the coming year (insert some hysterical screaming here). 

Even though it may seem like the most imperfect time to even think of anything else during this busy holiday season, adding some small tasks to your daily routine can have you sailing smoothly into the New Year.

Your Lobby

This is the place that welcomes the client and introduces the pet to your experience. Does it need a makeover? Your lobby should be all about you. There are many things that can clutter the client’s perception, including the lobby experience. Take a moment to examine your front entrance and lobby from a customer’s perspective. What can they see? Is it clean and organized or is it a hair–covered nightmare? Your credentials and awards should be prominently displayed so that your clients are aware of your education and commitment to your industry. Make sure that every inch of what is visible reflects your image and what you want your business to say about you.

Your Work Area

Each station should have a deep cleaning scheduled at the end of the busy season. Go through all of your things that live in your daily space and make sure that everything is functional and clean. This goes for the bathing and kennel areas as well. Behind and underneath the tubs should have a really good scrub, and all filters should be changed in equipment and all air vents. The end of the season is the perfect time to get rid of all the old things and organize yourself for the coming year. 

Your Website

Your website is the place where people come to learn about your business and what kind of services you provide. Your website is valuable “real estate” to showcase your wonderful services. There are many salons that have a single page with some stock photos of dogs and cats. End of the year housekeeping should include updating your website to reflect the feel of your lobby. 


This is a great way to connect your personal touches to your services with finished grooms, silly photos of stylists with the pets, pictures of the facility, your address and phone number, and a staff page. Clients love to feel a connection with the people that are caring for their pets; showcase your groomers with a nice picture and some personal words, or a listing of their accomplishments.


Here you are, closing out another year and getting ready to rock another one! It is my hope that each and every one of you take some time to have some spa treatments done for yourselves. Make sure you take some time to breathe and enjoy the prosperity of the season, and spend some time doing the things you really want to do. Until then, we all have a really busy day tomorrow so drink some water and get some sleep! ✂️

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