1. Rob Sharon says:

    Very nice Jonathan, I have a Goldendoodle and plan on using this method to trim him down. I like the idea of setting a length I want and using the thinning shears. Nicely done !

  2. Cheryl Sargent says:

    I would like to know what brand of thinners you are using?

    • Rob Sharon says:

      I have a Goldendoodle and use Conair scissors for thinning and trimming his coat. They work very well. I have also used other brands in the past.

  3. FDM says:

    Loved this video, very informative and good explanation!
    Thanks so much!

  4. Ange says:

    this is a great video,thoroughly enjoyed it and have shared it with fellow groomers :)

  5. Paula says:

    Beautiful job,fantastic dog! but let’s face it, they are few and far between (unfortunately) the average joe doesn’t look after their dogs , they say thet brush them , but they don’t. So it’s only in the competition ring we see such well groomed animals . Sad but very true . (in Australia anyway)

  6. Linda says:

    loved the video. Awesome job.

  7. Nebojsa Jovanovic says:

    Love Jonathan

  8. Edith Arend says:

    Very nice I ‘m not a groomer but I do touch up my shih-tuz and i well use this thanks you

  9. Liliane Geerts says:

    Very informative video about techniques! Learned much from it, thank you!

  10. Kadee says:

    Really informative and very clear instructions!! Thanks a bunch!

  11. Claudia says:

    Nicely done Johnathan! I had always trouble cutting inside the hind legs and used your tip of holding the leg and combing the hair in. Thanks! The comb over to shape cylinder legs worked really well too. Just watched this video for the second time because I will be grooming a Havanese this morning.

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