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The “Guess What” Groom

Sometimes as groomers we have to play a guessing game with our clients. They will walk in and exclaim, “Guess what breed Fido is!” And we literally have no idea….

What’s up with the Mod Con?

The Modified Continental (MC) trim seemed to come out of the woodwork the last couple of years, yet it has been around for a very long time. The MC has…


Louie is a one–year–old Cavalier Poodle mix, commonly referred to as a “Cavapoo.” In modern salons, you will encounter every possible version of an “oodle” or “poo” mix possible, but…

Corgi Pet Trim

Corgis are a breed that seem to be growing in popularity and are relatively simple to groom in a shop setting. Claire was an adorable, sweet–natured model for this tutorial,…

Spaniels in the Salon

Spaniels in the Salon

Oftentimes in the grooming salon we are faced with opting to clipper Spaniel coats for a multitude of reasons. In this month’s tutorial, I will offer suggestions on how to…

Handstripping the Border Terrier

Handstripping the Border Terrier

In a previous issue, we covered preparing the coat to begin the handstripping process on a Border Terrier puppy. For the second installment, we are spotlighting a handstrip on an…

Spiced up Short Personality Trim

Spiced up Short Personality Trim

One of our most common problems in the salon every day is finding a trim that suits our client’s maintenance schedule needs but also still allows us, as groomers, to…

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