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Positively Pomeranian

Positively Pomeranian

By Amanda Aaron

Pomeranians are a common double coated pet that we see often in the grooming salon. If they aren’t groomed often their coat can become compacted and the skin can dry out. Some pet owners would like the hair trimmed down, but this tutorial will show you a great way to clean them up without damaging the coat. It is not recommended to shave a double coated dog due to the risk of damage to the coat, as well as disrupting the dog’s proper insulation.

Fig 1) A high velocity dryer is the best tool and most efficient way to remove undercoat.  Once you have done that, spritz the coat with a leave–in conditioner or brushing spray and go back over to remove what is left with a soft–sided slicker brush.

Fig 2) Comb through to remove any remaining undercoat.

Fig 3) Clip out paw pads.


Fig 4) Using thinning shears, round off all feet. Ideally, they should look like a cat’s foot.

Fig 5) Completely optional; scissor off whiskers for a softer look.

Fig 6) Using thinning shears, trim around the tips of the ears.

Fig 7) The tail can be done in multiple styles, but on this particular dog, the owner likes a short tail that will curl over the back. Pull the tail straight back and find the tip of the tail, carefully trim the hair after the tip of the tail.

Fig 8) Comb the hair to the side and scissor a straight line up to the top of the tail. Repeat on the other side.

Fig 9) Lifting the tail up, scissor trim the underside of the tail to match the sides.

Fig 10) Clear out a potty path.

Fig 11) Using thinning shears, lightly trim the pants hair to just under the hock.

Fig 12) Following Figure 11, wrap around to the side of the pants.

Fig 13) Lightly trim the under line.

Fig 14) Trim flyaway hairs up around ribs.

Fig 15) Pulling the front legs forward, trim the hair in a triangle shape.

Fig 16) Remove hanging hair that touches the ground near pastern.

Fig 17) Clean up the scraggly coat on the inside and outside of both front legs.

Fig 18) Carefully lifting the dog up, clean under the belly to remove any hair that the dog may get dirty while going potty.

Fig 19) Using thinning shears, lightly trim the mane.

Adorn with a bow or bowtie and that should do the trick! ✂

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