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One-Length Doodle Pet Trim

This is your bread & butter grooming…the client that wants to come in every 8-12 weeks and flare is not a concern. This is a trim that will satisfy most hard-working and busy American pet owners. From nose to rump and down to the toes, we are going to use one length and then show you how to scissor it across the finish line.

Fig 1) I like to go in the same order as I do with fancy trims. So here I am coming down the spine and the trunk of the dog with a 5/8″ guard comb.  

Fig 2) Continue with that length directly under the ear, following that muscle down to the shoulder.

Fig 3) Remember which way the joints can move when manipulating the limbs for clipping.


Fig 4) I use the same length guard comb underneath the dog, but I use it in reverse to cut shorter and cleaner in one move.  

Fig 5) Comb all the hair down on the legs and trim a plane across the bottoms of the paw pads so that no hair is dragging on the floor.

Fig 6) Use a #5F in order to cut short in reverse on the throat latch within the cowlicks.

Fig 7) Use that same blade going with the grain to blend out of the cowlicks.

Fig 8) Next, the 5/8″ comb can be used on top of the head and face to complete the all-over length.

Fig 9) Use thinning shears to trim the inside corners of the eyes.

Fig 10) Then trim the outside corners of the eyes also using thinning shears.

Fig 11) Tidy the chin using thinning shears or curved shears and connect it to the 5/8″ length on your cheek.

Fig 12) Comb up the entire body so that you can go over your work again for a smoother finish.

Fig 13) Then clip it all down again with the 5/8″ comb.

Fig 14) To finish, scissor-tidy your underline.

Wham, bam, Thank you, Ma’am! That is a triple-digit haircut in a double-digit time frame, and there is no beating that! ✂️


Blake Hernandez

With his crazy suits and outgoing personality, Blake Hernandez is the epitome of “Mr. Approachable,” making him a shot of energy and positivity for the industry. Blake is the 2020 Barkleigh Honors Seminar Speaker of the Year and co–creator of Groomsource, the dog grooming education hub. He also represents Foxy Roxy’s Supply Co., Ladybird Line smocks and GroomLoop, but is best known for his online persona and feature in episode four of Netflix “DOGS” documentary series. Blake manages a successful salon in San Diego, CA, grooming many breeds, with Poodles being his true passion. Find Blake on Instagram @blakemhernandez

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