As a Groomer What Measures Have You Taken to Stay Safe in Your Salon?
As a Groomer What Measures Have You Taken to Stay Safe in Your Salon?

Groomer to Groomer Asked Facebook: As a Groomer What Measures Have You Taken to Stay Safe in Your Salon?

By Groomer to Groomer

“I work from home and groom by appointment only so I lock my front door while I am working on each client so people cannot walk in. I screen potential clients and owners and turn away any that do not fit my requirements or seem questionable. I no longer take dogs over #50, biters or dogs that are uncooperative to groom…not worth the aches and pains later. I see a massage therapist routinely. I handle dogs with respect and care and build their trust so that we both stay safe throughout the grooming appointment. I am fully insured. I require all new clients to sign a release form. I keep my work environment clean and require all dogs to be up-to-date on all vaccines and on flea preventative. I use a double restraint on the table so dogs cannot turn around or jump on the table or in the tub.”
—  Bethandjo V.

“Just being thorough and paying attention to what I’m doing/what’s going on around me. Lots of distractions cause accidents. Also, knowing when to quit with a difficult dog will prevent injury to the dog or yourself.”
—  Ashley W.

“Scissors! I will cut someone in defense”
— Candace A.

“In regards to the safety of the pets in our care, I took the initiative to become a Certified Pet Tech Pet CPR & First Aid Instructor and teach everyone in our salon! But also, knowing the pets’ personalities in your care is a big plus in personal safety. Knowing what that pet will allow you to do and what they won’t. Also knowing medical histories and getting as much background info as you can on the pet!”
— Joshua W.


“If I’m thinking business protection, it’s cameras, liability forms, every detail written on the client card and noted, and conversing via text or message where it’s recorded. If I’m talking dogs, it’s rubber mats around the tub, investing in good/safe cleaners, cleaning constantly, and continued education. Never stop learning.”
— Amanda V.

“I have taken multiple classes on safety, first aid and CPR for both human and animals. I have applied what I have learned to my shop. I have a fully stocked first aid kid, safety procedures in place and train my employees on what do to in ‘X’ situation.”
— Sarah D.

“Hiring, training, maintaining and keeping high-quality staff who understand the rules and expectations, and who don’t cut corners. Holding everyone accountable for everything and not letting little things slide.”
— Allison M.

“I am so lucky I work at a veterinary hospital. I also never leave my dogs unattended no matter what. I always have help available if I need it. I make sure I take breaks so I don’t get overwhelmed and give dogs breaks (if necessary) when they need them. There’s so much that can be avoided just in those few steps.”
— Sarah M.

“I’m a house-call groomer. Lots can go wrong! I always make sure to talk to the client on the phone first (to ward off any weird vibes) and I have location sharing on with family members so everyone knows where I am at all times.”
— Laura H.

“Education! Being properly trained to handle the tools and equipment we use. Understanding body language from the pets we take care of. Being willing to say ‘no’ when a situation isn’t safe for us or the pet. Staying alert, limit distractions. Knowing that every time a customer leaves their pet in our care, it could be life-changing for the pet or the groomer if proper care and safety isn’t the top priority.”
— Julie K.

“Follow the AKC S.A.F.E. Program to the letter!”
— Tamm M.

“One-on-one appointments. No distractions=safe salon. Also, I sanitize constantly!”
— Monique G.

“Never put collars on dogs in cages.”
— Robin W.

“Always two people in the groom room at all times.”
— Jennifer R.

“I am mobile and I always lock myself inside my van and I usually have my standard poodle with me.”
— Emma B. ✂

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