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Gorgeous Galaxy Yorkie

This groom is a quick and extravagant creative design for the masses, and is a simple style for any drop–coat for sure. Enjoy turning the heads of your creative–loving clients with this gorgeous galaxy style which can easily be achieved with just 20 minutes of dye work and 25 minutes more of processing—or skip the color for a quick, easy pet trim!

Fig 1) I like to start with the shortest blade in my grooms, and in the case of this groom, it would be used to tip the ears. Make sure to clip the tips without trimming the long hairs right by them. Then use small scissors to create sharp lines around the outsides of the ears. 

Fig 2) I will then take a #6F blade in reverse on the throat latch to help separate the head from the neck as well as to lengthen the neck. 

 Fig 3) Then using the #6F with the grain, I will take the clipper down the body, underline, topline, and then over the hips and pin bone. 


 Fig 4) I am using my blade to begin to create a point above the shoulder. This will help exaggerate the bevel on the foot, especially with this dog having such thin leg hair. 

Fig 5) With that same blade, I will go in reverse over the cheeks from the corner of the eye to the corner of the ear.

Fig 6) Then using a guard comb for a 5–in–1 blade, I do a ½ inch in reverse on the top skull. 

Fig 7) With my thinning shears I clear the area in front of the eyes.

Fig 8) I then trim around the foot with a pair of curved scissors to build my bevel and support the leg coat. 

Fig 9) To start the coloring process, I use a dog–safe black dye to shape the point over the shoulder and line over the hip. Then I just blackout the whole trunk, tail, back of the neck and top of the head. 

Fig 10) Next, have fun and use whatever color palette you’d like to make an outer space vibe on the legs and ears.

Fig 11) To finish the design, I used a water–soluble glue to attach sticky jewels all over the dark space and to highlight the expression. 

Fig 12) To complete this groom, trim the muzzle tight and round. 

This groom is out of this world! ✂️


Blake Hernandez

With his crazy suits and outgoing personality, Blake Hernandez is the epitome of “Mr. Approachable,” making him a shot of energy and positivity for the industry. Blake is the 2020 Barkleigh Honors Seminar Speaker of the Year and co–creator of Groomsource, the dog grooming education hub. He also represents Foxy Roxy’s Supply Co., Ladybird Line smocks and GroomLoop, but is best known for his online persona and feature in episode four of Netflix “DOGS” documentary series. Blake manages a successful salon in San Diego, CA, grooming many breeds, with Poodles being his true passion. Find Blake on Instagram @blakemhernandez

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