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Atlanta Pet Fair Surpasses Expectations with Record-Breaking Numbers

By World Pet Association

The Southeast’s Largest Competition and Trade Show for the Professional Pet Stylist, Atlanta Pet Fair, hosted record-breaking 2,124 pet services industry professionals as they took over the Hilton Atlanta Airport in Atlanta, Georgia this March 5-8.  Produced by World Pet Association for the first time, Atlanta Pet Fair 2015 surpassed expectations. This year’s show saw an astounding 17% increase in attendance compared to Atlanta Pet Fair 2014, garnering a total of 2,124 registered attendees, 105 booth spaces and 99 exhibiting companies.

The grooming competitions held at Atlanta Pet Fair were also record-breaking.  The standard poodle competition was the largest large poodle contest in the US; 51 large poodles were entered and another 47 small poodles competed for a total of 98 groomed competitive poodles.  Atlanta Pet Fair hosts the biggest, most popular competitive events for professional groomers.  Competitions include GroomTeam Sanctioned Classes, Runway Abstract Design, Creative Style, 1st Timers Competition and the Rescue Rodeo.  To see the inclusive list with all of the grooming competition winners, visit the Atlanta Pet Fair Mobile App.

Atlanta Pet Fair boasts one of the best education programs in the industry with 90 sessions led by 41 award-winning groomers and top animal and business experts with decades of experience.  Atlanta Pet Fair offers sessions highlighting the latest trends, techniques and strategies designed to help groomers grow their business.  Seminar highlights include; Scissor Over Comb Technique, Asian Style Grooming, Grooming a Poodle Using All Clippers and From Hand to Heart to Cash Register.

Atlanta Pet Fair created a new competition, the Schinberg Celebration of Life and Schinberg Strut Contest and Award, in memory of the beloved Jerry Schinberg who passed away in December 2014. His wife Sally Schinberg, and previous Atlanta Pet Fair Producer, Ann Stafford, were present for voting and anointing of the winner.

“It was thrilling to see such a fantastic turnout for the first WPA hosted Atlanta Pet Fair,” exclaims Doug Poindexter, President of WPA. “The competitive spirit of the groomers in the contest ring and the pure thirst for knowledge from our attendees was higher than ever. Atlanta Pet Fair 2015 was a fantastic show, and we are already underway with planning for next year.”

Moving forward, WPA is prepared to expand the 2016 show and plans to add 80 more booths to include more exhibitors on the trade show floor, wider aisles to help access to the exhibitors and larger classrooms to accommodate more participants. The 2016 show will take place at Georgia International Convention Center March 10-13, 2016.  For more information about Atlanta Pet Fair, visit their website at

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