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an exciting line-up of seminars highlights this year’s event!

Groomers! Get ready for a weekend of outstanding educational programs at PetQuest, returning this June to the Holiday Inn Roberts Centre in Wilmington, Ohio. Seminar topics will include grooming, mobile grooming, pet health, business skills, and animal behavior. This year’s speaker lineup features world-renowned industry icons and champion groomers.

One of the most exciting educational opportunities at PetQuest is Thursday afternoon’s “Japanese Freestyle” seminar with Irina Pinkusevich. This is the first time ever in North America that anyone will present a seminar on Japanese Freestyle grooming. During her international travels, Irina has heard plenty of groomers talking enthusiastically about this unique style, which enhances the dog’s “cute factor” with a fluffier profile. Recently, Irina traveled to Japan and, for over two weeks, studied with some of the country’s top groomers. Irina has now combined the aesthetic of Japanese Freestyle with the technical excellence she has displayed in the contest ring and is ready to pass along this new knowledge to groomers in the United States. Irina will groom two dogs as a demonstration during this four-hour seminar.

Thursday’s seminar sessions also include a full day of grooming demonstrations by Lisa Leady, the two-time winner of the Barkleigh Honors Judge of the Year Award. She will demonstrate proper breed profiles, correct angulation, and structure on terriers. Teri DiMarino will also present her ever-popular Brusher Bather Certificate Program.

Seminars continue in the evening with Jodi Murphy, Angela Kumpe, and Lori Craig. Jodi will lead a seminar on mobile pet grooming, during which she will address topics like scheduling, routing, and pricing. Angela Kumpe and Lori Craig will be teaming up to discuss the ins and outs of airbrushing, from equipment and coloring products to techniques and airbrushing as an add-on service.

Seminars on Friday feature a Barkleigh Honors demo series with award winners Sue Zecco, Jay Scruggs, and Jonathan David and nominee Cat Opson. They will demonstrate grooming techniques on the Poodle, Doodle, and Old English Sheep Dog. These seminars will be available for registration both as a day-long series and as individual sessions.

Also on Friday, Michelle Knowles will present a four-part seminar called “Science of Skin.” She will address hair and skin structure for dogs with short, medium, and long coats as well as explore techniques and methods of managing pet skin issues. This seminar is only available as a day-long series.

Up and coming speaker Amie Haslar debuted at PetQuest 2012 to rave reviews. She returns to PetQuest with a Friday evening cat grooming demo. Witness a live demonstration of grooming a not-so-happy cat and learn how to handle difficult cats in your own salon. Friday evening also features an easy pet trim grooming demo with Olga Zabelinskaya and the bubbly Bichon.

The demos continue throughout the weekend with some of the grooming industry’s biggest icons. Kathy Rose will present a seminar on the Standard Poodle, one of the Bread & Butter breeds seen in your own salon, and Diane Betelak will demonstrate how to trim the Wheaten Terrier correctly and set lines with snap-on combs and blades while keeping the Wheaten profile. Sue Zecco and Jay Scruggs will be joining together to demonstrate proper grooming techniques on the Springer Spaniel, and Jill Pipino and Erin McLaughlin will introduce European flair to your Poodle grooming with a Scandinavian trim.

Other weekend seminar topics include animal health with Dr. Cliff Faver, business with Joey Villani, cat grooming with Kimberly Raisenen, and mobile grooming with Tip Campbell. With lots of different seminars throughout the weekend, there is something for every groomer at PetQuest! Be sure to visit the trade show floor between seminar sessions for great show deals, product demonstrations, and exciting GroomTeam-sanctioned competitions.

Save the date: June 20–23, 2013! For more information about PetQuest, visit or call (717) 691-3388. ✂