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In response to “Just a Groomer?” (Vol. 32 Ed. 2, Feb. 2013) by Daryl Conner:

“Very well said Daryl Waters Conner!!! Thank you for laying it on paper.”

    — Lea Ann, Groomsdogs Pullen

“Thank you! I am proud of my profession, the work that I do and the relationships that I have with both pets and owners! Many still keep in touch with me even though I am over 1000 miles away. When their pets go to The Bridge, I cry with the owners. Those are bonds that will never be broken.”

    — Meg Gummerson

About grooming shows:

“I’ve gone to the Groom Expo in Hershey, PA and LOVED it! If I had a million dollars I wouldn’t have enough money lol there’s so much awesome stuff there. I’ve always gone alone, but it can get lonely at the events like the parties. But oh well, with all the seminars and the HUGE trade show you don’t have much time to yourself.”

    — Karen Baglini

On GroomerTV’s “Jay Scruggs Critiques Heather Quarg’s Miniature Poodle”:

“I love it but I need subtitles because of Angela Kumpe and Jay’s southern twang!”

    — Deb Compton

“I embraced all the information given. Good groom with better groom instruction. Thank you.”

    — Deborah Farrell

On GroomerTV’s “Pomeranian Demo by Sue Watson”:

“I never cease to get great grooming tips and procedures from this page. Thanks!”

    — PAW Sucreme Paw pad cream for dogs

“I am so glad you did [use clippers]! I have clipped Poms for 30 years because the customer wants them COMFORTABLE in our 110 degree weather, and realizes they can’t keep their coat in shape with their lifestyles.They tell us over and over again how much they and the dog love it! And they still look as cute as the first time we did it.”

    — Sherri Helm

On Frank Brown:

“I LOVE this guy! No matter how many times I go to Groom Expo or Intergroom, he always knows my name. I tried tricking him one time by changing name tags but he knew I was TINA FROOOOM NEEEWWWWWWW YOOOOORRRRRRRKKKK! (said in Frank Brown style of course).”

    — Tina Marie Degati

On GroomerTV’s “Angela Kumpe Gets Dematted”:

“I was at a loss for words. I’ve never been able to make it to a show in the four years that I’ve been grooming but I hope to soon. Y’all look like y’all had a ball!”

    — Rosalyn Guidry