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Lubrication of the Wahl 5-N-1 Blade

By Jeff Andrews

5-N-1 after greasing.


You need to oil this blade, or it could rust and cause the cutter to cut a groove into the bottom blade. When a groove is present, the blade may snag or drag.


Oiling the rear of blade.

There is a notch on top of the cutter on this blade. This notch fits into the drive mechanism of the clipper. As it spins, it moves the cutter back and forth. In the picture of the clipper head, notice the silver bar that fits in this notch. There are no bearings. This bar pushes against the side of the notch until it gets the cutter to one side. It then pushes the other way. If this notch doesn’t have lubrication (grease), it will bind and slow down the action of the blade, causing noise, vibration, snagging, and even dragging during the cut. The pictures show how to grease this notch. Put a little grease on the end of a screwdriver and rub it in the notch. You can use any brown grease, axle grease, and even Vaseline. However, do not use lithium grease, because it’s too thin and will coat the inside of your trimmer. Wahl grease is white, but it was designed that way. ✂

Oiling the front of blade.

Jeff Andrews is a World Class Sharpener and owner of Northern Tails Sharpening, Inc. He is an author and pioneer of many equipment maintenance videos and how-to articles that are appreciated by groomers worldwide at no cost. Jeff is a member of NDGAA, IPG, and NAPCG, and still grooms at his shop in Mobile, AL.