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Welcome Ren!

By Dawn Omboy

I have introduced you to each of my personal dogs in previous articles, and I wanted to take this moment to introduce you to a cute, young fellow who came into my life on the second day of December 2012. His name was Chibs, which I later changed to Ren in honor of the great creative dog photographer, Ren Netherland. Okay, so he does photograph other animals, too — even “normal” dogs!

I traveled to Kansas, where I was met at the airport by the best darn group of gals ever, and then to the home of my dear friend and fellow groomer, Barb Hoover. This is where I met the new guy in my life, a 10-week-old Mini Poodle puppy.

The next morning, we all gathered at Jodie Fritz and Amy Schaffer’s Hair of the Dog Salon in Leavenworth, Kansas, for a fun day of color and holiday style in an educational, hands-on creative class.

I am a super Grinch fan, so I decided this little guy was going to get his very first creative groom. At 10 weeks old, Ren became the cutest little Grinchy Poo you ever did see!

With fluffy white puppy hair, this was a quick and easy groom. I wanted a true red for his Santa coat and hat. The product I chose to use for this is Apple Red Avatar. I applied it to the top of his little head in the center, leaving a fluffy white band of hair around his head. I left his front bracelets white as his jacket collar and the bottom of the jacket and applied the dye to his jacket and front legs or sleeves. With a different applicator brush, I brushed in green on his back legs and feet.

Avatar stains rather quickly, and this young hair took the color fast. After keeping him warm with a blow-dryer for about 10 minutes, we then rinsed and dried the puppy. He looked great but did need a bit of Grinch green around his neck, which was clipped closely above the fluffy white jacket collar. To achieve this without dying it, I used green and yellow Pet Chalk, which I applied to the areas with a make-up brush, so the color would closely match the rear legs. My Grinch-poo was complete in under an hour and back to bouncing on the floor with his sister Lola. He was so darn cute that I brought him home the day after our “no more dogs” discussion. HA! Creative wins again!

Look for Ren in new styles here and on my Facebook page, Queen of Color. You can find out more about Pet Chalk and other products used for creative styling at ✂