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Clipper Maintenance Trouble Shooting


My new blade isn’t cutting.

Blade Drive:

Check the blade drive, also known as the lever or swing arm. This is the most commonly worn part. When the blade drive is worn, the clipper will no longer cut properly. This part must be checked regularly and changed after it shows wear from use. (Picture #1, #2)


My clipper and blade are heating up too quickly.

Blade Tension:

If the blade tension is too tight, the clipper will run hot. Tension should be firm, but the cutter portion of the blade should be able to slide back and forth with little effort. To loosen the blade tension, simply pry up each side of the tension spring. (Picture #5)

Carbon Brushes:

If the tension seems correct, check the carbon brushes. Worn carbon brushes will cause heat to build up inside the clipper. Brushes should be at least 1/16” in length. (Picture #4)

Hair Build Up:

On air cooled clippers, the switch cap can build up with hair, restrict airflow, and cause a clipper to overheat. Frequently check the clipper switch cap and remove hair buildup. (Picture #3)


My blades wobble.

Hinge Screws:

Check to make sure that the hinge screws have not come loose. If they have, tighten them down as needed.

Blade Bracket (socket):

If the problem persists, you may have a bent blade bracket. Using a pair of large pliers, simply bend the socket ears slightly inward, and then reset the blade on the clipper. (Picture #6) It may be necessary to change out the socket if the blades continue to wobble.

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