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Chalking the Hawk

and Body Parts, Too!

By Dawn Omboy

Anyone can get quick, bright color in just a few minutes even if you have never attempted color application. I would like to introduce you to “color without commitment” with Pet Chalk. This great new product will allow virtually any groomer or salon to join in the color revolution. You can even add a little color on dark hair that other color products just won’t show up on without lightening the hair first. Best of all, it is temporary, and there are no messy dyes to spill or airbrushes to get clogged.

Start with clean hair. You will want to use this product when you are finishing your dog. For instance, give the hair on a mohawk a light little spritz with water. Use only a little, though; you will only want the hair damp. Next, take your pat of Pet Chalk in your fingers, and place the hair over the chalk with your thumb on top of the hair. Slightly move your thumb in a back and forth motion on top of the hair, transferring the soft chalk onto the hair. Seal it into the hair with a spritz of hairspray, and use a flat iron to seal and shape the mohawk.

I have used this product to do the ever popular cheetah pattern in many different color combinations. To do this, I used my fingers and rubbed the product into Brook’s coat right where I wanted it. It lasted until her next bath, which is usually once a week but up to once every two weeks.

You need not worry about mistakes. In most cases, these products will wash right out of the coat in as little as one or two baths or even brush out of a more coarse coat. Have fun and chalk up new profits and fun. ✂

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