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Groomers' Roundtable

It’s a tie between “He was all brushed out last night, but he jumped in a puddle after the rain this morning” and “well, my daughter is supposed to brush her, but she doesn’t.” The daughter is four. Oh, and “I like him with his curls, but when I brush him, he gets poofy, and I don’t like that look”

Kimberly Ames
Shaggy Chic
Attleboro, MA

I put a sweater on him to come to the shop.

Lynda Bennett
Grooming By Lynda
Sidney, NE

One woman brings her dog in every 5-6 months (even though I recommend for her to bring her back every 6-8 weeks). Her American Eskimo is matted to the core every time and she doesn’t like me to shave her down. When I talked to her about properly brushing to avoid matting, her excuse was “I can’t brush her because I am allergic to her.” Seriously?!

Dawn Hough
Five Points Kennels Inc Indianapolis, IN

“My dog has been wearing a sweater.”

Kelli Jo Strabley
Paws & Claws on the Grove
Merritt Island, FL

Driving to grooming salon the owner had to stop fast and the dog fell on the floor and got matted and the kids are brushing the dog.

Elizabeth Lisella
K-9 Bath & Body
Nesquehoning, PA

“This just happened on the way over here, she had her head sticking out of the window of the car.”

Lisa Rojas
Dreadlocks for Dingoes LLC
Minneapolis, MN

He rolls on the rug.

Dawn Andrews
Love Your Dog Spa & Boutique
Hudson, NH

“The dog is not matted, she is molting. The breeder told me that doodles don’t matt they molt.”

Michelle Semken
Pet Bath And Beyond
Camp Hill, PA

Oh gosh I could come up with millions from 26 years of grooming. How would I pick one? “He got out last night”, “Why would I brush him that’s what I pay you for?”, “Another dog scared him”, “His breeder says he only needs to be groomed once a year”(this from a Samoyed owner),”Matted? I thought she was getting fat”

Deb Molin
Personal Touch Pet Grooming
Circle Pines, MN

“We were at the Grand Canyon and a big wind came up, WHOSHHH around the dog. He got matted!”

Tracy Wright
Dog Grooming By Tracy
High River, CN

I saw one severely matted dog with the hook of a Christmas ornament embedded/causing the mat. Same dog couldn’t retract his, ah, male part because it had also become embedded in mats.

Beth Cannon
Manassas, VA

I have a little Shitzu that comes and each time her fur is matted because the cat has been digging at the top of the dogs head.

Bonnie Bowman
Merryway Kennels
Wyoming, NY

“She got that way yesterday because she ate a squirrel.”

Dawn Omboy
Klippers Pet Shop
Columbus, GA

The owner couldn’t “find” the brush for four months! How many stores did she pass in those four months? Geez!

Dawn Chalecki
Doggie Treats Mobile
Grooming Barnegat, NJ

Ceiling fan — in the summer — can you believe it?!

Lindy Moebs
Grantsville, MD

“He likes the mats, they keep him warm,” said about a Labradoodle.

Stephanie Haynes
Lexington, KY

“I thought he just had thick hair, Ha Ha,” and “The kids played with him too much.”

Johnnie Lamb
Huntsville, AL

One customer with an Old English Sheep Dog who knew the dog needed grooming but the dog was very old so he told me he had thought for sure the dog would die before he had to get him groomed.

Cynthia Stadel
Aussie Pet Mobile
Eldridge, IA

Pelted Maltese. “It slipped off the car seat on the way to the shop.”

Liz Streithorst
Ellisville, MS

Worst one was a lady who said she brushes her dog every day, but he spent the night at a friend’s house and when she picked him up he was totally matted. Most comical was an older lady who swore her neighbor’s dog was purposely matting her dogs hair up when she let her dog out to go potty.

Lisa Conwell
Pet Styles Grooming Salon
Monrovia, IN

“I was in the hospital,” (She had a dark tan and a t-shirt that read Cancun). Really? Hope you’re feeling better? “Oh yes tons,” she replies. Hmm!!!

Diann Becker
For Pets Sake Pet Grooming
Southbend, IN

Silliest reason hands down is because “he doesn’t like me to brush him” or “I just don’t have the time so he deserves to be the way he is, he’s so ornery”

Terri Allen
Willow Run Boarding Kennel
Kernersville, NC

“I’ve been brushing him but he must have gone out and rolled in the wet grass this morning.”

Carla Ladd
Ladd K-9
Spring Valley, MN

A few of the best I’ve heard: The brush did that to him, the kids don’t brush him, the wind from the car ride over, we bath and let him run around to dry.

Cassandra Robak
A Groovy Groomer
Hamilton, CN

He got into the beer.

Tami Von Thof
Bed N Bones
San Juan Capistrano, CA

They used the wrong shampoo and when they finished washing him he was all matted.

Pamela Cameron
Chilliwack, CN

“I’ve been brushing her everyday but you know that wind storm we had over the weekend? Well I was walking her and I actually saw the wind whipping her hair into knots!”

Jonathan David
Lap of Luxury Dog Spa
Delray Beach, FL

It was too cold that’s her/his Winter blanket-jacket.

Laura Yakubovskt
El Paso, TX

He likes to roll around with my cat and it gets his fur tangled up. I comb him four times a week but he just LOVES to roll around with that silly cat!!

Marie Leclair
Gentle Touch Grooming
Pensacola, FL

The dog was stuck to a mouse glue board.

Donna Glaeser
Halo House Animal Resort
Franklinville, NJ