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Chalking the Drop Coat

By Dawn Omboy

Pebbles is a beautiful little Yorkie that I see every two weeks, so naturally I am quite fond of her and love to play with her coat by braiding it, beading it, and adding some HotFix bling or temporary touches of color. She is also a very excitable girl, so we are sure to keep her salon visits short and sweet, getting her back into her mom’s arms in the shortest amount of time.

One thing I have learned over the years is that some clients will be game for a touch of color if it is temporary and does not compromise the coat in any way. Hmmm, how can we achieve this, you might wonder? Well, the answer is easy. Start by completely grooming your Yorkie (or any drop coat) as you normally would. For Pebbles’ sweet look, we pulled the hair on her crown up and into cute little pigtails and added my special Pixie’s Posies flower bows that I showed you how to make in the December issue of Groomer to Groomer.

Next, I would spritz a very fine mist of water onto the hair to which I wanted to add my touch of color. Take the strand of long hair and place it on the round of “Pet Chalk” close to the body of the dog. With your thumb on top of the hair, move the round down to the end of the strand while gently moving your thumb to coat the hair. You may want to turn the strand over to do both sides. Lay it down and continue onto the next strand with another color. Once you have achieved your desired look, gently brush through. You may want to seal it by adding just a touch of finishing spray and going over it with a flat iron to give it a silky smooth finish. Even add some Hair Diamonds to bling it out. The color will only last a few days and will not stain carpet, beds, or furniture. This is a quick, great way to add color without commitment and without any mess or fuss. I guarantee your clients will love it, and you don’t need to worry about color that just won’t go away.

This is just one of the many ways to use “Pet Chalk,” the new product by none other than the Queen of Color herself! And as you can see, this shows on dark coats as well as light. ✂