Grooming Demo Videos

Prepping a Standard Poodle for Asian Fusion and Clipper Tips with Lisa Leady and Sue Watson

Chevron Cat Groom with Dana Chavez Rey

Mini Poodle Body Part 2 with Jay Scruggs

Easy Maintenance Trim on a Doodle with Jessica Moore

Teddy Bear Trim: Part 1

Cat Grooming Demo

Sculpting with Clippers

Poodle Doodle Head

Barb Prueckel and Jay Scruggs Tandem Groom

Mini Poodle Part 1 by Sue Zecco

Sue Zecco Mini Poodle Demo Part 1

Toy Poodle Trim by Jonathan David

Toy Poodle Trim by Jonathan David

Lisa Leady and “Sparky”

Poodle Demo by Chris Pawlosky

Westie Pet Trim by Jonathan David

Bichon Demo by Jonathan David

Bichon Overview and Corrective Grooming by Olga Zabeliskaya

Grooming a Difficult Cat

Setting Angles on a Mini Poodle

Toy Poodle in a Teddy Bear Trim

Michell Evans Freestyle Shih Tzu

Round Head and Difficult Dog by Sue Zecco

Perfect Toy Poodle by Jonathan David

Cheryl Purcell Austrailian Terrier Head

Michell Evans: Handstripping an Australian Terrier

Judy Hudson: Teddy Bear Head

Sue Zecco: Mini Poodle German Trim

Sue Zecco: Toy Poodle Feet, Face, and Sanitary

Toy Poodle Pom Poms

Toy Poodle Tail

Toy Poodle Body and Finish Trim

Toy Poodle Legs and Rosettes

Toy Poodle Face and Neck

Cocker Spaniel Paws

Cocker Spaniel Head and Coat

Corrective Grooming on a Bichon by Jay Scruggs

Yorkie in a Modified Terrier Trim by Sue Watson

Puppy Cut Makeover by Jonathan David

German Trim Demo by Julie Pantages

Bichon Demo by Chris Pawlosky

Yorkie in a Schnauzer Trim

Cavalier King Charles

Cheryl Purcell Demo at GKE

Lisa Leady Demo on a Rescue Dog

Sue Zecco Mini Poodle Demo Part 2 – Setting Lines

Sue Zecco Mini Poodle Demo Part 3 – Finishing Touches

A Short Trim on a Maltese

Cat Grooming Demo by Amie Haslar

How To Do a Layered Round Head

Old English Sheepdog by Sue Zecco & Jay Scruggs

Old English

Kerry Blue Terrier

Pet Trim

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